Tuesday, December 6, 2011

3 December - Back in NY

Sunset as we travel through the Straits of Magellan on our way back to Punta Arenas, Chile
So our cruise has finally ended. The past few days were a whirlwind of packing, labelling, copying photos from everybody that we've been living with for the past month and preparing to re-enter society. It's always strange getting off the ship and being able to 1) walk more than 300 feet in any direction and 2) see new people that you haven't been trapped with on the ship for the past month.

All our gear is packed up and ready for shipment north!
Many of us flew back to the States the day after we got back so our time on shore was a rush of last minute souvenir shopping, a delicious cruise dinner (Thanks Chief Sci Ann!), and mentally preparing for 24-30 hours of air travel back home.

Manhattan on our left as we fly into JFK.

All in all, it was a very fun trip. Stay tuned here as we'll try to post some results as we begin working up and processing the data.
My plane's shadow on the salt marshes of Jamaica Bay as we come in for our landing.


p.s. There are always surprises awaiting us when we get back home.  Like my two month old refrigerator dying while I was gone. I decided not to post any pictures of the contents on the blog. Thanks Frigidaire!