Saturday, August 4, 2012

03 Aug 2012 - The Perks of the Night Shift

Hello Everyone!

Kaylyn here, currently trying to type without falling off my chair. We're in 8-10 foot seas right now and the boat is pitching and rolling. I think it's fun because it feels like a roller coaster! I love looking out the port holes for when a big wave comes up and splashes them because it looks like a washing machine.

Anyways, it's 5pm and it's my morning because the rest of the titration team and I have been working the night shift. This is because we usually do two net tows, one at a 6pm and another at midnight. Even though we are getting much faster at measuring the density of the organisms (Steph did 20 krill in about 5 minutes this morning), it still takes awhile so we end up working until 6am. I know this sounds awful., but it's really not that bad once you get used to it, and there actually are some perks! I have decided to outline the top three for you.

The first perk is that since everyone usually goes to bed around 2 am, so from 2 until 6am we have the lab to ourselves. This gives us free range to play whatever music we want to, and be silly! Steph even did some Zumba in the lab this morning. I'm sure this doesn't sound like much to you guys, but when you are titrating for several hours good music and some silliness helps the time pass more quickly.

The second perk of the night shift is that we get to see the sun rise and set every single day. There is nothing more beautiful than a gorgeous sunrise or sunset when you're out on the ocean.

 Sunset through the porthole.

 Me and a beautiful Pacific coast sunrise.

Honestly, the number one perk of the night shift is breakfast. Most of the time Steph and I are the only ones who show up for breakfast because the rest of the science party is still sleeping. Because of this, we have been able to choose what Chef Kris serves for breakfast. So far, his french toast is our favorite! The best french toast we have ever tasted!!

So happy about my delicious breakfast! Thanks Kris!
Well, I better get ready because I'm sure we will be doing a net tow soon!

Bye for now!


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